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Dear diary: As I already told you, my guys at FAKings forward all the emails in which you ask about me and the truth is that my pussy gets wet just thinking about the hundreds I received after my previous video, the one in YOU AND ONLY YOU FUCK ME. It was clear that the second part should arrive and here you have it, I think it's much improved and I hope it's just as or more horny as the first one. As a reward for your loyalty, I tried to set the scene in my early years in porn, I dressed in my beloved schoolgirl costume and I became horny believing that I am still 18 and my pussy is not very fucked. Now you know: FUCK ME and let your eyes stick to mine, EAT ME completely again, swallow all my flow and make me cum like a bad little girl, because I am willing to eat all your cum. Don't let me down... Muakssss!!!

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